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our coffee. 

The Beans: Locally roasted & Fair Trade Organic by Hummingbird Coffee, the blends chosen are  reflective of the best product available to us at the particular time of year. As Coffee is a seasonal product, and it changes throughout the year,  Anna works alongside  Hummingbirds’ roasters through these seasonal changes to choose a blend,  ensuring we always deliver an exceptional product.

We always endeavour to serve a full flavoured coffee which has good ‘cut’ through in the milk, focusing on strength and flavour in the larger cups in particular, so you never get a “milky weak” coffee.


Some of the blends used are:

Re:start: Medium to dark roast. Nutty, chocolaty notes with just enough zing (acidity) to keep it lively, yet smoothly balanced.

Oomph: Medium roast. Amazing body and sweetness with well-balanced acidity. Full flavour with milk chocolate notes and a sweet and clean finish.

We use Anchor milk which has been selected with a good protein and fat content giving it excellent flavour in the cup, not overpowering the coffee, but adding to the sweetness.


Our coffees are served at 65degrees, unless otherwise requested, as this is the optimum temperature for flavour.

The Cups: Small 8oz, Large 12oz and Xtra Large 16oz (triple shot optional).


Our funky, custom made Coffee Skills cups are made by Ecoware from sustainable resources with a plant based lining, giving them a lower carbon footprint than other takeaway coffee cups. We also welcome you to bring your own cup, even better for the Earth!

All our used coffee grinds are diverted from landfill as we deliver them to our friends at Richmond Gardens, they are used as compost in their beautiful grounds to help grow their vegetables!


We usually can spare a bag here and there if you would like some for your gardens too.

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